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March 27, 2023
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We are grateful to Innometric MPG for the fuel savings we have found with their testing, and how fast, reliable, and easy it has been. We’ve worked a lot on fuel savings over the years and when you look real close at the numbers, the challenge has always been getting reliable answers on a product. We’ve tracked the numbers in our fleet with dedicated routes/drivers/loads and there are always too many variables. We have done many tests with the SAE method as well but we would have to repeat the test many times because the numbers varied. That was very time consuming and still felt risky to make a decision with. Now if we want to know how something will affect our fuel mileage we have Innometric MPG test it on our equipment. It’s fast, it doesn’t cost a lot, and we come away knowing exactly how much fuel and dollars it will save. We’ve also re-tested items before making final decisions and found the answers consistent to the first test. That’s something we never had before and it gives us a lot of confidence in our decisions.

Learning about the science of fuel mileage through Innometric MPG has answered questions we’ve had for a long time, and that’s been a big help too. It explained why the SAE test numbers varied so much and we saw firsthand how critical it is to have the kind of equipment and experience Innometric MPG has. We don’t even bother anymore with real-world testing in day-to-day operation to measure fuel savings, we can test in a few hours with Innovative Fuel Solutions, know the numbers are trustworthy, and account for variables if we need to for the fleet. It saves us a lot of time and if the part saves fuel we can decide on it right away. It used to take us months to get a number and we would still debate the results because of the variables.

We depend on Innometric MPG to help us improve our fuel mileage and with the cost of fuel in trucking these days that says a lot about how much we trust their work. The fact that Innometric MPG has been to our terminal five times in the last year and done almost eighty tests is pretty solid proof of our confidence in them.

Royal Jones
President & CEOMesilla Valley Transportation

Jimmy Ray
Vice PresidentMesilla Valley Transportation

Dean Rigg

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