The days of independently sorting through confusing and unreliable answers are over.

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MVT (fleet) has relied on this program since 2012 to serve as an unbiased filter to separate products with real-world fuel savings from those with smooth sales pitches and erroneous data that waste you and your fleet’s time. MVT Solutions testing is an unbiased 3rd party testing entity and does not receive any commission from product sales.

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No catch, no gimmicks, just an honest way to share products that work. Note, savings values are calculated based on U.S. national average climate conditions. If you would like to know the exact savings your unique fleet will experience, a report can be provided upon request.

Advanced Testing

Fuel efficiency testing derived from race car engineering solves accuracy issues and quickly delivers clear results that drive confident business decisions for actual fleet operations.

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We provide duty cycle and climate analysis for your unique fleet available on request. To learn more or request a report please fill out this form and one of our engineers will contact you.

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