Consulting for Technology Providers

End-User Advice from Beginning

Our consulting process helps you avoid costly design issues in the early stages. Don’t wait until you’re ready to take your product to market to realize you forgot about key features your buyer needs.

Fleet Experience

30+ years of fleet firsthand experience successfully implementing hundreds of new technologies. MVT is known as an industry leader in fuel economy and proven to be a great resource.

Race Car Derived Testing

Real vehicle testing, done in as little as 2-3 hours per test, with accuracy up to +/- 0.2% that allows you to do many R&D tests cost effectively so that you can be knowledgeable on your product, optimize its performance, and be confident in the savings.

Consulting Process


Product Assessment

  • Review your existing R&D information
  • Current state of products
  • Determine goals and objectives of product

Identify Gaps

  • MVT Solutions internally reviews Product Assessment
  • Identify areas for improvement

Present Findings

  • Review findings with client
  • Provide improvement options and recommendations

Take Action

  • Implement decisions made in previous step

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