Laura Ricart

March 27, 2023


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Navistar’s aerodynamics team had a great experience working with Mesilla Valley Transportation (MVT) Solutions over the course of the last few months. Because both companies are focused on driving the best fuel economy possible, MVT Solutions helped Navistar at every turn to achieve the goals laid out at the beginning of the process. The team went above and beyond their usual testing measures, creating new methods so Navistar could test every aspect of its second-generation product addition. MVT Solutions’ turnaround time was quick and efficient, helping Navistar obtain the information we needed to implement changes that should be made to its products. Navistar’s aerodynamics team is constantly working on new modifications for products to maintain competitiveness within the heavy-duty trucking market, and MVT Solutions put all the company’s questions to rest. After the initial testing processes, MVT presented all the data the company requested and more. There is only so far anyone in the trucking industry can go when it comes to aerodynamic work, but MVT Solutions helped further Navistar’s innovations and focus on the smaller details that can make a large difference to the International Truck brand. Navistar is the first OEM to use MVT Solutions, and we are more than impressed with the results. Their hardworking, collaborative team made it simple and enjoyable.

Chief Engineer — Vehicle Performance Integration

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