Add Emissions Testing To Your Fuel Economy Testing

Emissions measurements can be important for engine or fuel-related technologies. This identifies how the engine and aftertreatment system are reacting to the tested technology. MVTS offers two options in emissions testing, which can be individual or combined. Doing so lets you know how the engine and aftertreatment systems on your trucks are reacting to the engine and fuel system related technologies being tested.


Portable emissions measurement system (PEMS) is the industry standard for emissions testing. It measures CO2, CO, NO, O2 and HC (optional). It is typically run in parallel with MVT Solutions’ fuel economy test and is designed for technologies that affect engine, fuel and aftertreatment systems.

OEM Engine & Emissions Data

These tests identify actual changes in engine characteristics such as torque, engine load, EGR flow as measured by the vehicle’s OEM data system. They also measure aftertreatment (a.k.a. emissions system) behavior with NOx exiting the engine and tailpipe, soot load, ash load and temperatures within the system. The test compares multiple vehicles and accounts for ambient variables with a variety of data collected during the test. These tests provide insight into how the technology is affecting engine behavior and emissions rather than the emissions alone.

Our Difference

Just like our fuel economy testing, our emissions testing provides highly accurate data. We can provide fuel economy testing with emissions testing and/or PEMS data. OEM engine and emissions data combined with fuel economy test data provides great insight into how the engine and aftertreatment systems are reacting to an engine or fuel-related technology. This allows for a better understanding and proof of the efficacy of the tested technology.

MVT Solutions PEMS Test


PEMS equipment is installed separately from MVT Solutions’ fuel economy test equipment.

  • The wand can be installed upstream or downstream from aftertreatment system
  • Test results are provided in a separate report

Test is conducted on a test track or during

on-road testing.


Test can be conducted at any time.

What our Clients Have to Say

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    Great development testing and a fraction of the cost of other companies

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    MVTS…produced accurate and reliable results we can make informed decisions with.

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