Race car engineering plus fleet expertise

MVTS helps you succeed in the fuel economy market with the best experience, tools, and resources in the industry.

We provide advanced engineering experience in design, testing, manufacturing, and adopting new technologies. As the industry’s leading innovator and adopter of fuel-savings technologies, we have 30+ years of firsthand experience successfully implementing hundreds of new technologies and saving millions of dollars as a result. We have the best fuel economy testing methods available and give precise, scientific answers on exactly how your technology performs.

Fast & Cost-Effective

Development testing doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. As an active fleet, using our own vehicles and test equipment, we can do a test in as little as 2-3 hours, which makes a full day of R&D testing cost effective.

Easy & Non-invasive

Logistically, we take care of all the details. All we need from you is direction installing your technology. We also can test with any type of tractor you need.

Accurate & Reliable

Our engineering team uses proprietary high-tech testing methods, which were developed from race car engineering. Our testing is accurate up to +/-0.2% whereas SAE Type II (J1321) is only accurate up to +/-2%.

Anytime, Anywhere

We measure all variables affecting fuel economy which allows us to test anytime, anywhere. We conduct on-road, on-track and on-site testing.

R&D Testing Process for
Fleets and Technology Providers


Start-up Call

  • Define goals and objectives
  • Determine
    • Tractor and trailers that will be used
    • Type of testing and route (on-track or on-highway)
    • Customer’s level of involvement
  • Discuss details and logistics of testing


  • Baseline run
  • Modification made on test vehicle (i.e. test product installed or activated)
  • Test run
  • Preliminary results analyzed
  • Modification #2 made on test vehicle
  • Test run #2
  • Preliminary results
  • Repeat test runs as needed


  • Brief summary of preliminary results provided to client
  • On-site testing: Client receives an in-person presentation of full results
  • On-track testing: Client receives a written report with full results

Follow-up Call

  • Discuss any questions
  • Further testing

MVT Solutions Certified™

What our Clients Have to Say

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    Great development testing and a fraction of the cost of other companies

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    MVTS…produced accurate and reliable results we can make informed decisions with.

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