Real-World Fuel Saving
Analysis Report

Real-World Fuel Savings Analysis

Most fleets are unaware of the fuel savings that exist in their operations. If you want accurate and reliable information on your actual fuel savings, you need to move beyond just fuel economy testing. Real-World Fuel Savings Analysis (RWFSA) enables fleets to get accurate and reliable data for their real-world fuel savings in minutes instead of months or years. It combines fuel economy test data with your own operation data including speed, miles traveled, loads, etc.

What It Is & Why It’s Important

RWSFA calculates your savings in real-world operations based on your specific operating conditions. RWFSA provides accurate, real-world answers quickly without the need to track fuel savings of a variety of technologies in the fleet. It allows you to take smart action immediately and confidently to save time, money and avoid hassles. Decisions are based on real-world operations which leads to real-world savings.

How It’s Done

We combine fuel economy data from our tests of your vehicles with your own operational data. We include fleet data from telematics including operating speed, miles travelled, states travelled in, climate, and GVW.

Fleet Trusted

Fleet managers understand the value of having data based on their actual operating conditions.

How We Conduct A Real-World Fuel Savings Analysis


MVT Solutions obtains fleet data

  • Telematics speed breakdowns
  • IFTA miles for states travelled
  • Load information (i.e., GVW)
  • Segment data into fleet groups (optional)

MVT Solutions analyzes fleet data to determine:

  • Aerodynamic factor
  • Rolling resistance factor
  • Overall fleet factor

Test can be conducted at any time.


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