Fleet Average: 9.0 mpg | Top Driver: 12.0 mpg

21st Century Fuel Economy Testing

Fuel efficiency testing that solves accuracy issues and quickly delivers clear results that drive confident business decisions to optimize fuel economy and cost-per-mile (CPM) in a trucking fleet.

Fleet to Fleet

We have been in your shoes and want to share what we have learned: the do’s and don’t of adopting new technologies, how to make fuel product spec decisions easy, how to get your company “on-board,” etc.

MVT Areas of Optimizing Expertise

Aerodynamics, Engine/Drivetrain, Hybrids, Tires, Wheels, Electrical systems, APUs, Solar, Prototype engines and engine add-ons, Driver behavior and monitoring systems, Driver incentive programs.

Consulting Process



  • Determine goals and objectives
  • Current state
  • Past experiences

Identify Gaps

  • MVT Solutions internally reviews the fleet’s status in different areas
  • Identify areas for improvement

Present Findings

  • Review findings with client
  • Provide improvement options and recommendations
  • Plan how to implement
    • Fleet-wide, batch trial, gradual adoption

Take Action

  • Implement decisions made in previous step
  • Re-asses fleet current state

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