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March 27, 2023
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I would absolutely recommend InnoMetric MPG to anyone looking for a test program with definitive results. In my opinion, this is a more powerful way of evaluating fuel economy improvements compared to other methods in the industry.

Improving fuel economy is critical in any fleet today. As a division of the largest supermarket chain in the country, we’ve evaluated many products over the years, using all the different test methods; in-service evaluations, testing with 3rd party organizations, and with OEM’s and vendors. They all have their challenges and limitations. We found InnoMetric MPG testing far superior to other test methods; it is fast, reliable, and cost-effective. InnoMetric testing is also by far the easiest testing we’ve ever done. Any fleet will appreciate how quick and easy InnoMetric testing is, and the minimal disruption it has on operations.

Getting reliable answers on fuel economy is very challenging and we evaluate products thoroughly. A few years ago, our company did an extensive in-service test that included 30+ trucks and 12+ months of tracking fuel and maintenance. That took a lot of time & manpower with disputable results. In 2 days InnoMetric performed similar tests with results that made total sense. How many things can a fleet test in 2 days and get reliable answers? Prior to testing with InnoMetric, I would have said none. InnoMetric testing saves us a lot of time, frees up our manpower, and lets us find more fuel savings.

It can be hard knowing who to trust when it comes to fuel economy and we found InnoMetric is truly legitimate. There is no hidden agenda with InnoMetric, no pressure, and no false claims about product performance. Anyone that appreciates integrity will be happy with InnoMetric.

InnoMetric MPG exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend them to anyone.

Senior Manager Fleet Services
Ralphs/Food 4 Less
Riverside, California

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