Louis G. Conti

March 27, 2023


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I want to thank you for the fuel mileage testing InnoMetric MPG provided for us. We appreciate the extra time taken to explain the test methodology and its capabilities, we found this very thorough and insightful. As experienced engineers ourselves, we also appreciate the validity of the science and technology supporting InnoMetric testing.

We were pleased and impressed with the level of detail InnoMetric testing generated, which provided some surprising information for us. It illustrated how our previous testing may have been skewed by environmental conditions and how it is vital to use advanced data acquisition and scientific methods whenever possible. InnoMetric testing also provided solid answers that showed clearly where we should focus our attention with further developments.

We look forward to working together in the future and extend an open invitation to you whenever you are in the area.

My sincerest thanks for the fuel mileage testing provided and for the insight into the science of fuel mileage testing that has helped us progress.

President and CEO
Fierce Fuel Systems
10 Corporate Drive
Auburn Hills, MI 48326

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