MVT Solutions Completes Its 1000th Fuel Economy Test

February 22, 2024 ,

Company’s testing has saved fleets money, improved their MPG and reduced carbon emissions.

Las Cruces, New Mexico — February 22, 2024 — MVT Solutions (MVTS) recently completed its 1000th fuel economy test. The company began performing fuel economy tests in 2016 via a partnership with Mesilla Valley Transportation and has a proven track record of success with both fleets and technology providers.

“For the past eight years, we have used lessons learned from racecar engineering to help suppliers validate the fuel economy savings of their products and to help fleets achieve on average $7.2 million in additional profits . It’s been a remarkable journey and the people in this industry are amazing,” says Daryl Bear, COO of MVTS.

“The biggest reward has been seeing fleets change their perspectives once they witness the fuel savings first-hand. They then make changes to their equipment that result in savings,” he adds.

The 1000 tests were a combination of track and on-road testing using MVTS’ unique combination of sensors and flow meters. Truck and trailer aerodynamics, lubricants and additives, tires and wheels, electrical components and emissions components are items that have been tested on the track. On-road testing includes accelerations and decelerations, uphill and downhill driving, driving on flat roads and over rolling hills.

“We test in real-world conditions so that fleets can get real-world results that translate into their day-to-day operations,” Bear says.

In addition to the increased profits, MVTS has saved many of the largest fleets 2.0 million gallons of fuel and prevented 21,000 metric tons of COfrom being emitted annually.



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