Laura Ricart

Navistar’s aerodynamics team had a great experience working with Mesilla Valley Transportation (MVT) Solutions over the course of the last few months. Because both companies are focused on driving the best fuel economy possible, MVT Solutions helped Navistar at every turn to achieve the goals laid out at the beginning of the process. The team went above and beyond their usual testing measures, creating new methods so Navistar could test every aspect of its second-generation product addition. MVT Solutions’ turnaround time was quick and efficient, helping Navistar obtain the information we needed to implement changes that should be made to its products. Navistar’s aerodynamics team is constantly working on new modifications for products to maintain competitiveness within the heavy-duty trucking market, and MVT Solutions put all the company’s questions to rest. After the initial testing processes, MVT presented all the data the company requested and more. There is only so far anyone in the trucking industry can go when it comes to aerodynamic work, but MVT Solutions helped further Navistar’s innovations and focus on the smaller details that can make a large difference to the International Truck brand. Navistar is the first OEM to use MVT Solutions, and we are more than impressed with the results. Their hardworking, collaborative team made it simple and enjoyable.

Chief Engineer — Vehicle Performance Integration

Mesilla Valley Transportation

We are grateful to Innometric MPG for the fuel savings we have found with their testing, and how fast, reliable, and easy it has been. We’ve worked a lot on fuel savings over the years and when you look real close at the numbers, the challenge has always been getting reliable answers on a product. We’ve tracked the numbers in our fleet with dedicated routes/drivers/loads and there are always too many variables. We have done many tests with the SAE method as well but we would have to repeat the test many times because the numbers varied. That was very time consuming and still felt risky to make a decision with. Now if we want to know how something will affect our fuel mileage we have Innometric MPG test it on our equipment. It’s fast, it doesn’t cost a lot, and we come away knowing exactly how much fuel and dollars it will save. We’ve also re-tested items before making final decisions and found the answers consistent to the first test. That’s something we never had before and it gives us a lot of confidence in our decisions.

Learning about the science of fuel mileage through Innometric MPG has answered questions we’ve had for a long time, and that’s been a big help too. It explained why the SAE test numbers varied so much and we saw firsthand how critical it is to have the kind of equipment and experience Innometric MPG has. We don’t even bother anymore with real-world testing in day-to-day operation to measure fuel savings, we can test in a few hours with Innovative Fuel Solutions, know the numbers are trustworthy, and account for variables if we need to for the fleet. It saves us a lot of time and if the part saves fuel we can decide on it right away. It used to take us months to get a number and we would still debate the results because of the variables.

We depend on Innometric MPG to help us improve our fuel mileage and with the cost of fuel in trucking these days that says a lot about how much we trust their work. The fact that Innometric MPG has been to our terminal five times in the last year and done almost eighty tests is pretty solid proof of our confidence in them.

Royal Jones
President & CEOMesilla Valley Transportation

Jimmy Ray
Vice PresidentMesilla Valley Transportation

Dean Rigg

Customer Review from Greg Peterson

I would absolutely recommend InnoMetric MPG to anyone looking for a test program with definitive results. In my opinion, this is a more powerful way of evaluating fuel economy improvements compared to other methods in the industry.

Improving fuel economy is critical in any fleet today. As a division of the largest supermarket chain in the country, we’ve evaluated many products over the years, using all the different test methods; in-service evaluations, testing with 3rd party organizations, and with OEM’s and vendors. They all have their challenges and limitations. We found InnoMetric MPG testing far superior to other test methods; it is fast, reliable, and cost-effective. InnoMetric testing is also by far the easiest testing we’ve ever done. Any fleet will appreciate how quick and easy InnoMetric testing is, and the minimal disruption it has on operations.

Getting reliable answers on fuel economy is very challenging and we evaluate products thoroughly. A few years ago, our company did an extensive in-service test that included 30+ trucks and 12+ months of tracking fuel and maintenance. That took a lot of time & manpower with disputable results. In 2 days InnoMetric performed similar tests with results that made total sense. How many things can a fleet test in 2 days and get reliable answers? Prior to testing with InnoMetric, I would have said none. InnoMetric testing saves us a lot of time, frees up our manpower, and lets us find more fuel savings.

It can be hard knowing who to trust when it comes to fuel economy and we found InnoMetric is truly legitimate. There is no hidden agenda with InnoMetric, no pressure, and no false claims about product performance. Anyone that appreciates integrity will be happy with InnoMetric.

InnoMetric MPG exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend them to anyone.

Senior Manager Fleet Services
Ralphs/Food 4 Less
Riverside, California

Brad Pinchuk

Our team was blown away with how MVT Solutions (MVTS) was able to validate trailer aerodynamics products for us.

Testing with MVTS found us 0.86 MPG in fuel economy improvements and several million dollars in annual profits, which makes it an excellent investment with almost instant payback. That surprised us, considering we have a very modern fleet.

No one else is really doing this in the industry, it’s not SAE testing, or coast-down, or CFD. It’s our own equipment and it’s real fuel economy in a real application.

What impressed us most was that we were able to hire MVT Solutions as an independent 3rd party that produced accurate and reliable results we can make informed decisions with. I wish we did this 5 years ago but it’s never too late to make improvements going forward.

MVTS testing didn’t disrupt operations at all, which was a very nice aspect of doing it on-site. In the past, we’ve participated in other forms of testing but MVTS testing is much more convenient and our people could be more involved and engaged, which they enjoyed.

Overall, this was a very positive experience. It was easy and convenient, our people enjoyed it, and it will save us a lot of money moving forward. We plan to continue using MVT Solutions.

Hirschbach Motor Lines, Inc

Royal Jones

This program keeps our company an industry leader in fuel economy and cost-per-mile.

Mesilla Valley Transportation

Asa Hazelwood

We are impressed with MVTS Certification and recommend it to anyone with a valid fuel-saving product.

Certification was fast, easy and resulted in immediate sale of our product. MVTS Certification helps us when talking to fleets because they immediately recognize and trust Mesilla Valley as the industry expert on fuel economy. Instead of debating fuel savings, we get down to business.

Since Certification, MVTS has helped our sales efforts by taking our product to carriers. These are companies actively seeking fuel savings, which has proven to be a great sales opportunity.

Overall, we’re extremely pleased with MVTS Certification and its positive impact on our sales program.

Director of Sales
Eco Flaps

Chris Kelly

MVT Solutions gave us unbiased info on a technology we were considering.

Navajo Express, Denver, CO

Joseph Perry

MVTS Solutions brought us to an interested fleet immediately after certification. MVT Solutions made it very easy to prove our product’s fuel savings to the carrier.

Wabash Composites

Martin Larson

MVT Solutions development testing helped us optimize our design quickly and at a fraction of the cost of other testing organizations.


Louis G. Conti


I want to thank you for the fuel mileage testing InnoMetric MPG provided for us. We appreciate the extra time taken to explain the test methodology and its capabilities, we found this very thorough and insightful. As experienced engineers ourselves, we also appreciate the validity of the science and technology supporting InnoMetric testing.

We were pleased and impressed with the level of detail InnoMetric testing generated, which provided some surprising information for us. It illustrated how our previous testing may have been skewed by environmental conditions and how it is vital to use advanced data acquisition and scientific methods whenever possible. InnoMetric testing also provided solid answers that showed clearly where we should focus our attention with further developments.

We look forward to working together in the future and extend an open invitation to you whenever you are in the area.

My sincerest thanks for the fuel mileage testing provided and for the insight into the science of fuel mileage testing that has helped us progress.


President and CEO
Fierce Fuel Systems
10 Corporate Drive
Auburn Hills, MI 48326