MVTS certified testing finds significant fuel savings with TRANSTEX® products

November 23, 2020 ,

EDGE SKIRTS™ and EDGE TOPKIT+™ trailer devices shows new track record with more than 10 percent increase in fuel efficiency when paired together with EDGE FLAPS™ aerodynamic mud flaps

November 23, 2020 (Las Cruces, N.M.) – Mesilla Valley Transportation Solutions (MVTS) is known for its cutting-edge fuel economy testing and consultation services in the trucking industry. The company recently conducted a study of TRANSTEX’s EDGE SKIRTS™ and EDGE TOPKIT+™ trailer devices to calculate the amount of fuel savings fleets could expect when integrating the products onto their trailers. Testing results showed that the two TRANSTEX® products paired together with EDGE FLAPS™ aerodynamic mud flaps increased fuel efficiency by over 10 percent.

“As a pioneer in aerodynamics, we invest heavily in R&D to innovate and provide our customers with advanced value-added solutions. By leveraging our engineering expertise and experience in product development we continue to refine our elite offerings to provide enhanced fuel-savings to our customers,” said Pierre-Yves Lacroix, Engineering Director, TRANSTEX. “The latest MVTS testing validates these significant results and differentiates our products from others on the market.”

During the testing process, MVTS compared the fuel efficiency of the updated TRANSTEX EDGE TOPKIT+™ used by itself and combined with TRANSTEX EDGE SKIRTS™ device E-2330T, a combination TRANSTEX named the EDGE ELITE AERO™ SYSTEM. The MVTS certified test results showed that the EDGE TOPKIT+™ improved fuel economy by 5.11 gallons per 1,000 miles, equaling 4.44 percent; while the EDGE ELITE AERO™ SYSTEM improved fuel efficiency by 12.09 gallons per 1,000 miles, or 10.49 percent.

Testing was done using two International LT tractors and 2020 Hyundai 53-foot dry van trailers at a gross vehicle weight of 45,000 pounds at 65 miles per hour. Unlike traditional testing methods, MVTS certified testing uses advanced and precise testing procedures to provide data easily adaptable to daily operations and long-term savings in the real world.

“The fuel savings of the EDGE TOPKIT+™ and the EDGE ELITE AERO™ SYSTEM were quite impressive. The savings of the EDGE TOPKIT+™ are greatly improved from the original TOPKIT, which we believe is important for fleets to know,” said Daryl Bear, lead engineer and COO of MVTS. “We were able to show that TRANSTEX products offer increased fuel efficiency, whether utilized together or separately.”

“We are proud to be the first aerodynamic system supplier to reach a combined fuel savings of 10.49%, a new track record at MVTS. Our EDGE ELITE AERO™ SYSTEM can save a fleet significant fuel and money allowing them to stay competitive. Customers can expect to save in the thousands per year per trailer, which translates into significant savings when implemented across the entire fleet,” said Mathieu Desjardins, General Manager of TRANSTEX. “With these changes, we continue to fulfill our mission of bringing efficient solutions to transportation.”

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