Transport Topics: Diesel Price Falls for Seventh Consecutive Week, Down 1.1¢ to $2.983 a Gallon

August 26, 2019
View Article In this Transport Topics article, Chief Operating Officer Daryl Bear shares his insight on the challenges fleets face in improving fuel economy:“The question we’ve really been faced with is why aren’t more people improving fuel economy. The answer is, fleets are overwhelmed with information and they just don’t know what to do,” Bear told Transport Topics. “They don’t know what to believe for very good reasons because a lot of it is wrong. There are two sides to it. The unintentional side and the intentional side. The unintentional side is absolutely everywhere. Fuel economy claims are like diet fads. Everyone has a claim and an opinion. But it really comes down to the data. Who’s making the best progress with fuel economy and what are they doing?”

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