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MVT Solutions CertifiedTM testing found the Wabash VentixTM DRS and AeroFinTM XL saved 10.39 gal/1000 miles (9.03%). Individually, the VentixTM DRS saved 6.94 gal/1000 miles (6.03%) and the AeroFinTM XL saved 3.45 gal/1000 miles (3.16%).

These are huge fuel savings that any carrier will appreciate. In a 500-mile day, that saves over 5 gallons per day with the VentixTM DRS and AeroFinTM XL. In a 2500-mile week, that’s over 25 gallons in fuel saved per week. With a fuel price of $2.50 per gallon, that’s savings of $12.50 per day and $62.50 per week per vehicle.

Things MVT Fleet Likes About the Ventix DRSTM and AeroFinTM

VentixTM DRS Improved Trailer Stability: MVT’s R&D leader found the trailer more stable when alongside other tractor-trailers. The VentixTM DRS equipped trailer was not pushed over or caused to sway like trailers typically do even without trailer skirts. The improvement was believed to occur due to the ‘vented’ style design of the VentixTM DRS panels that equalizes pressure along the trailer side panels.

AeroFinTM Reduced Driver Interaction: Driver interaction can be a deal-breaker for many carriers when it comes to boat tail devices, which causes them to overlook this savings area. The AeroFinTM addresses that by opening and closing automatically with the trailer doors so there’s no extra steps required by the driver.

Read more on the Wabash product benefits in the report including installation, maintenance, tire wear, and compactness.

Results for Any Carrier

Carriers can trust the test results are reliable for other tractor-trailer configurations, they are not specific to MVT’s fleet. During testing, vehicles were configured to represent the current industry-standard and did not include wheel covers or tractor side fairings. Carriers can find directions on calculating their own fuel savings in the report, or can contact MVT Solutions with questions.

Independent Third Party Testing

MVT Solutions fuel economy testing is independent, 3rd party testing. We do not receive any payment from the sale of Wabash Composites products. To learn more about the test, view the report above or contact us.

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