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Eco Flaps

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MVT Solutions CertifiedTM testing found Eco Flaps saved 0.99 gal/1000 miles (0.77%) without trailer skirts and 0.86 gal/1000 miles (0.73%) with trailer skirts.

Based on these results, MVT is installing Eco Flaps in our own fleet. We do more than stand behind our test results, we invest in them too. When it comes to independent 3rd party testing, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Results for Any Carrier

Carriers can trust the test results are reliable for other tractor-trailer configurations, they are not specific to MVT’s fleet. During testing, vehicles were configured to represent the current industry-standard and did not include wheel covers, tractor side fairing, or trailer tail devices. Those devices were installed in a separate test to represent MVT’s own fleet configuration and fuel savings were very similar to the test with trailer skirts listed above.

Overcoming Challenges

A challenge carriers raise (MVT included) is the cost of Eco Flaps compared to a conventional mud flap. Eco Flaps can’t be viewed as a mud flap, they must be viewed as a fuel saving product. In this category Eco Flaps rank well due to their good payback, and low cost relative to other fuel savings products. With that in mind, it’s a bonus to operations that fuel savings are achieved by replacing an existing product (conventional mud flap) with a more efficient one (Eco Flap) instead of adding more components to a fleet’s equipment.

Independent Third Party Testing

MVT Solutions fuel economy testing is independent, 3rd party testing. We do not receive any payment from the sale of Eco Flaps. To learn more about the test, view the report above or contact us at MVT Solutions.

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