ConMet TruckWings (Diesel Day Cab)

ConMet TruckWings (Diesel Day Cab)

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MVT Solutions Certified™ testing found the ConMet TruckWings™ saved 6.61 gal/1000 miles (6.20%) with a 45.9-inch gap between the tractor cab extender and trailer. Based on 125,000 miles travelled annually, savings equate to 826 gallons per year. Using a diesel fuel price of $4.989 per gallon (U.S. average retail price in 2023), this equates to $4,122 in fuel savings per year.

Fuel savings can be expected to increase with a larger gap or decrease with less gap. A benefit of the TruckWings™ is its functionality; it automatically opens and closes at set speeds with no driver interaction. A secondary advantage of the TruckWings™ is it being installed on the tractor and getting 100 percent usage from one installation as opposed to a trailer technology whose installations are multiplied by the trailer to tractor ratio.

Independent Third Party Testing

MVT Solutions fuel economy testing is independent, 3rd party testing. We do not receive any payment from the sale of products tested. To learn more about the test, view the report above or contact us.

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