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What our clients have to say

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    MVT Solutions put all the company’s questions to rest, we are more than impressed with the results.

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    MVTS…produced accurate and reliable results we can make informed decisions with.

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    …helps us when talking to fleets because they immediately recognize and trust Mesilla Valley Transportation as the industry expert on fuel economy. Instead of debating fuel savings, we get down to business

    Technology Provider

Why Choose MVTS?

Fleet Perspective

  • Accurate testing derived from race car engineering provides reliable answers you can make actual business decisions with.
  • Does not interrupt operation or management activities. You choose: your level of involvement, when we test, where we test, what we test on…etc.
  • Testing accounts for variables such as wind, climate, load, duty cycle, driver behavior …etc.
  • Can translate test result to your fleet in-service fuel savings (upon request).

Technology Provider Perspective

  • High-tech testing combined with first-hand experience from a fleet that leads the industry in fuel economy.
  • MVT Solutions Certified™ is our stamp of approval and serves as a filter for many fleets.
  • 2-3 hours per test makes R&D testing fast and cost effective.
  • We can measure small differences because our race car engineering derived testing method is accurate up to 0.2%.