Fuel Economy
Testing and Consulting
Precise. Proven. Real-World.

Why Choose MVTS?

Fleet Perspective

  • Accurate testing derived from race car engineering provides reliable answers you can make actual business decisions with.
  • Does not interrupt operation or management activities. You choose: your level of involvement, when we test, where we test, what we test on…etc.
  • Testing accounts for variables such as wind, climate, load, duty cycle, driver behavior …etc.
  • Can translate test result to your fleet in-service fuel savings (upon request).

Technology Provider perspective

  • High-tech testing combined with first-hand experience from a fleet that leads the industry in fuel economy.
  • MVT Solutions Certified™ is our stamp of approval and serves as a filter for many fleets.
  • 2-3 hours per test makes R&D testing fast and cost effective.
  • We can measure small differences because our race car engineering derived testing method is accurate up to 0.2%.